Welcome SLIP Users,

data.wa.gov.au is the new home for your geospatial data needs. The Shared Location Information Platform is an open data platform for location-based data supported through the whole-of-government WALIS partnership.

You can find out more about how SLIP and data.wa.gov.au are working together.

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Welcome to the Western Australian open data website.

Western Australian Government Open Data

The purpose of the Western Australian Whole of Government Open Data Policy is to improve management and use of the public sector's data assets in order to deliver value and benefits for all Western Australians. 

This includes greater release of appropriate and high-value data to the public in ways that are easily discoverable and usable.

Where's the data?

Western Australia isn't lacking for good, publicly available government data. However, until now it's only been discoverable by visiting individual agency websites, or accessing it from isolated portals. We've harvested data from the largest of these existing portals - Landgate's SLIP geospatial data platform - and added over 800 datasets to our data portal. And we’re continually making data from all of these separate agencies and portals discoverable on data.wa.gov.au.

How can I begin publishing data?

If you're from state or local government or a related organisation in Western Australia and would like to begin publishing data, get in touch with us and request a publishing account.